About us

‘Greka’ was born out of love for Greece, its land and its produce.

Here at Greka, our aim is to create products that would speak to everyone's heart by honouring and using the best natural produce Greece has to offer. 

We wanted 'Greka' to have a story to tell...our recipes speak for the accumulated wisdom of generations in our family - from my grandmother Sofia to my mother Georgia. Our recipe philosophy is simple - to allow superb ingredients to speak for themselves. 
That is what led us to create ‘Greka’ in 2016 – that deep-rooted desire to share with you our family’s authentic produced delicacies and that’s our story…a story about exceptional produce, fresh ingredients and delicious flavours and taste.

‘Greka’ offers to you:

-  all natural products that support our family tradition and the quality principles of the Greek Mediterranean diet
-  flavours, tastes and memorable smells, that we, ourselves, share with our friends and family
-  exquisitely versatile products – our products can be enjoyed in a vast array of ways

Our promise to you is that our existing range will be carefully enriched by more products as we are always experimenting with new flavour combinations, but always remaining true to tradition and fresh produce.


The Greka Team